The Montagues are a four piece alt rock/indie band from the North Wales Coast, who formed in late 2018. The band released their debut EP “Calibrate” in August 2019 and have enjoyed success since, selling out gigs and being featured on BBC Introducing. The band are back with their new single “Devils”, which was released on 12th March 2021.

It’s worth noting that I’m going into this song entirely blind with no preconceived ideas or notions as to what I’m about to listen to, which I find is the best way to review to be honest, as my instant reactions are often the way I determine what’s good and what isn’t. I’d also never heard of The Montagues before (sorry lads!) but I am intrigued as everything I’ve learnt about them so far sounds like they could be something I’d like! So let’s find out!

After hitting play, a fantastic guitar riff starts off the song and instantly the familiar sound of indie rock makes its appearance. The vocals are strong and I love the beautiful tone the lead singer has, it reminds me slightly of Tom Fletcher of McFly fame in parts of the first verse! The lyrics are catchy and the pacing of the song is perfect. You can’t help but bop your head along to this track. I have a feeling that this song in particular would be amazing to experience live, especially with all the live instruments and the atmosphere of the momentum building! And if you get to experience it, you’re a lucky person!

All in all, I’d say this song was brilliant and is something I would definitely listen to again! It’s too early to say based on one song whether I’m a new fan of The Montagues, but I can appreciate their talent and am definitely going to check out their other music! But for ‘Devils’, I have to say I loved it!


By Daniel